Be a Detective on the Gold Coast

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The Escape Hunt Experience

For more than a century now, Sherlock Holmes has been loved by people from many generations, male and female alike. This is all thanks to Sir Conan Doyle’s smart and unique mind that such a fictional character has come to life in our minds and today, even on the television.

With Holmes’ character, who wouldn’t love him? Aside from his intelligence and wit to solve mysteries, he is eccentric which makes him more interesting. He is a mix of being smart, sociopath, drug addict, and a deep thinking gentleman. Then add up all the mind boggling, thrilling, and exciting cases he has solved and engaged in and it’s no wonder that he has won hearts of fans throughout the decades.

Are one of Sherlock Holmes’ fans? Then you’ll be glad to know that on the Gold Coast, you don’t have to possess all his eccentricities to be like him, because the coast can grant your wish of becoming a detective even just for an hour.

Head on to Southport and you’ll find an exhilarating tourist attraction called The Escape Hunt Experience. Operating since December 2014, this destination has been gaining popularity for turning its guests into detectives even just for a while. In here, you’ll solve problems and riddles with your buddies which will show the hidden gumshoes in you.

Book yourselves online, come on time, enter the room assigned to you, and be transported to a hundred years ago where you’ll be a renowned detective who is solving a case with your companions. All of you have to possess wits and skills to solve every riddle that will come your way and find clues that will lead you to solving the case successfully.

Since this tourist attraction has been gaining popularity since it opened just a year ago, online booking is a requirement before going to its location to make sure each of its customers has a room to play in. So visit its website first.

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Image Source : The Escape Hunt Experience


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